Mortgage Protection

Secure your family home with mortgage protection

Why choose Mortgage Protection?

  • Mortgage protection is specifically designed to ensure your mortgage payments would be covered in the event you passed away or fall seriously ill during the term of your policy.
  • Peace of mind knowing you and your family will not miss any repayments.
  • Covers mortgage repayments for up to 2 years.

Why our fee free expert advice helps

  • With so many different factors to consider, it’s important you get it right – that’s why we’re here to help.
  • The cheapest cover isn’t always best, so let one of our experts make sure that it’s the right cover for you.
  • We compare the UK’s leading insurers so we can give you advice that you can rely on.


A mortgage protection plan works in a very similar way to life insurance but with a plan specifically designed to match the outstanding balance of your mortgage. Most people will have less to pay off as the years go by as they continue to make monthly payments, A mortgage protection plan can reflect this with a decreasing level of cover which often makes monthly premiums cheaper as the pay-out decreases.